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Monsters. Monster Elements. Fire. Water.Honor Shop.i was going to spend my jewel on eb, but my guild says that you need to wait for hp roulette. so when will it happen.

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Of the many characters populating the Arrowverse, here are the worst of the worst.Arrow The Count, real name Cecil Adams and also known as Count Vertigo, is …

Roulette Event Monster Warlord - A roulette of Monster Eggs and Jewels of many sizes and quantities will flix roulette found in the monster during the event! Although very rare, warlord can find up to Jewels egg the best mines! Monster Warlord Honor Roulette Event. The type of Monster Eggs and Jewels vary per mine, so you should purchase all three mines to maximize this ... Monster Warlord Currency Roulette -

Roulette Event Monster Warlord ― Lucky Roulette

Honor Points are one of the special currencies in Monster Warlord. They are traded in at the Honor Shop for special monster eggs which guarantee a plus monster when opened, ranging from Outer to Divine grade monsters. For Honor Warlord Guide | Gear Builds, Moveset, Feats &… For Honor Warlord Guide | Counters, Moveset, Button Sequence Combos, Feats & Special Capabilities and Best Gear Stat Builds.For Honor Warlord Guide, a list of all available Move-sets and Button Combos. See all the Special capabilities and tiers of feats unique to this single character.

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The title "Lucky Roulette" is misleading, because this roulette behaves like a monster egg, where there is a small chance warlord gain rewards. Monster warlord honor roulette event | Gambling paradox The rewards are also completely random as the game can manipulate the speed of the wheel to make it look as if you can get a good reward, only to get something bad. Roulette Event Monster Warlord ― Lucky Roulette